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Using Assessments to Create a Healthier Culture and Reduce Turnover

It’s no secret that having a strong culture boosts workplace productivity and performance within your company. As a professional leader, it's integral not to overlook the importance of company culture. One way you can measure work culture to help you strategise in future is to use assessment tools.

Assuring you have the right tools in place is key in helping you retain staff and reduce turnover. So let's delve into understanding more about how you can create a healthier culture that reduces turnover using assessments.

What are psychometric tests and how can they help?

Psychometric tests are a scientific method used to measure mental capabilities and even behavioural style. This is a brilliant tool to help you and your employees understand more about each other, which can create a culture of understanding within your organisation.

Psychometric tests are designed to measure the suitability of your staff and even any potential candidates to their roles. The tests aren’t used to single out employees. Instead, they can assist you in creating a healthier culture by determining employees' strengths and weaknesses. This helps to fill in any gaps for support and knowledge while creating opportunities for further learning and education.

These tests can come in the form of numerical, personality tests and even emotional intelligence tests. As an example, using personality tests can help your team understand more about the way others prefer to be approached, how they work under pressure, how they learn and take in knowledge. This makes for a more understanding and inclusive environment to work in.

Individual and group assessments

Assessments are best used to help you create informed decisions about the future strategy of your company. For example, you can analyse beliefs and attitudes held within the company.

You can also use assessments to determine whether any shifts are necessary to strengthen your team.

Individual Assessments can come in the form of surveys. You can compile research to help you improve the culture of your business through the individual feedback you receive. You can also assess aspects such as dispute resolution, team creativity, leadership and professionalism. This can help you in creating an atmosphere that reduces workplace stress in the long run as well as contributing towards the company culture.

Group Assessments can come in the form of team-building exercises such as group seminars, speakers, events and webinars. You can even arrange engaging activities with your teams outside of the workplace such as lunch-and-learns. This provides the opportunity to create a positive atmosphere within your team. You can even go an extra step further and encourage your staff to suggest future training sessions that they would find beneficial.

Skill assessment tools

It may be helpful to research other tools that can assist you when making a healthier culture within the workplace. We have compiled some suggestions for helpful tools below.

Skills Base is a tool that helps leaders compile useful data that creates stronger workforces. Assessing your employee's skills allows you to make better decisions as a leader. You can streamline your assessment processes, and career outcomes and analyse skill gaps. This sort of tool can help you view areas for improvement that can help with creating a stronger company culture as you invest in your employees careers.

This is another useful tool that helps with employee training, personality tests and even pre-employment tests. You can create courses and training programs to train your employees easily and improve their skills. This tool can also reduce the time it takes to conduct employee assessments which can be hugely beneficial as a leader.

Top Tip: You can even compile this data easily using Google Forms which is completely free!

Remember to use the newly found knowledge that you learn through conducting assessments and draft a plan for implementing cultural changes within your business. In turn, this will assist you in creating a healthier culture that reduces your staff turnover. Happy employees with a more positive outlook on their careers stay loyal.

Let us know your thoughts on this blog in the comments, will you start participating in assessments to gain a healthier culture?

Remember if you’re unsure of how to implement what we discuss in this blog, please feel free to reach out to WhizMind for all your business consulting and mentoring needs!


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