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WhizzMind exists to support leaders around the world in building, developing and retaining their teams. The people manager role has increased. They are the first responders of the organisation. That's why growing managers into effective leaders is very critical, especially within virtual and hybrid ways of working.

Our Purpose

To support organisations in creating the best working environment for international teams, and people managers, leading them.

Our Vision

To help leaders be ready for the future of work and improve quality of their life.

Why WhizzMind?

Why WhizzMind?

WhizzMind is a leadership development consultancy specialising in supporting expats and leaders of international teams. 

More focus gives us the advantage to provide the best solution for you in this particular area.

We will share insights with you on how learning & development can increase your employees' engagement, strengthen your team's performance, and improve communication. By investing efforts in your leadership team.

We have our own strengths, and we will be open to saying if we cannot help you.

There are options you can choose from based on your needs. Service packages can be suitable for both short-term and long-term projects. You can also decide to work on a monthly retainer basis. Or simply book one call to discuss all your questions.

Quality and results of our work are the core of our business, and we will make sure you will be happy during this exciting customer journey.

About Us
Katya Kim Photo

Katya Kim

Katya Kim is a Leadership Development Consultant and the Founder of WhizzMind. Having spent 14 years in HR and Talent, Katya gained her experience with multinational pharmaceutical companies, as well as within the retail, tech and fashion industries. She is a proud immigrant, passionate about DEI and supporting young people in their career development. 

Whether you need to support your expat managers, train your team to be the best hosts, or help your leaders manage globally - Katya will share various tools to assess and develop their skills.


Do you want to achieve great results with a high-performing organisation? 

Let's connect.

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Our everyday work is driven by values. We never compromise on the quality of our services. Our clients' feedback is important to improve ourselves for better customer service.

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Working together with our clients, partners, and local communities, collaboration helps us to be innovative, and effective. There is no solution without a dialogue.

We trust our clients and we hope to become their trusted partners working with them on the most important part of their business - development of their people. 

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Trust cannot be built without respect. We respect our clients, their values, and their time.

Focus on result

Best quality for our clients

Quality over quantity - we serve our clients at our best.

All our activities target clients' business goals. We provide solutions aligned with organisations' strategies. Watching great achievements is the best reward for us.

Do you want to know more about how we can help you?

Let's connect.

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