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The 5 Cs: The Key to Great Leadership

If you’re a leader looking to level up the skills that help you lead successfully, you need to remember the 5 C’s. In this blog, we delve straight into each of the 5 essential leadership qualities that will positively impact your current workforce and future-proof your organisation.

1. Collaboration

You have a team for a reason, so use this to your advantage. Even if a project can be completed by one person, always encourage collaboration. As a leader, you know the importance of working together. Teams that work with each other grow into stronger workforces, plus it helps your employees grow their own network. When just one person juggles work on their own, this can make people feel under pressure, so don’t be afraid to delegate. Not only will this strengthen your team and get projects completed faster, but it will also help with quality control as the more eyes and ideas collaborating, the better!

2. Communication

Ensuring the success of your team starts with clear, concise communication. As a leader, you need to lead by example. Ensure when communicating you’re always providing clear instructions, deadlines and never leave anything to be assumed. Speak to your team and check in with them to understand how they are getting on with projects, whether anything needs delegating or simply to ask how they are. You need to be willing to answer any questions that you’re asked and give advice. Communication is absolutely key.

3. (Be) Candid

Being candid is a skill that can be difficult to navigate, but important to get right as a leader. Honesty is the best policy and sometimes you will need to be completely open and frank especially when it comes to providing feedback. Be constructive if any of your employees make mistakes (it happens). Remember as a leader you also act as a mentor, so feedback should be aimed at self-improvement rather than punishment. Use these opportunities to connect with your team.

4. Connection

Successful leaders are great at connecting with their team. You may feel your monthly team call is enough. But the truth is, you may not get the full extent of how your team members are getting on. The way around this is arranging regular 1:1 meetings (face to face if ever possible). This is a brilliant way to connect with your team and understand how you can keep each individual on track with projects, goals and career progression. Making these connections with your team encourages them to express themselves to you in future and feel valued by you.

5. Caring

The final quality you need to have as a leader is the ability to genuinely care for your employees. How much do you know about your team outside of work? Think about really getting to know them, as you may find you have a lot in common, and common ground can emphasise the quality of your working relationship. The best thing about leading a team is not just the talent, but the different personalities and characters working together. Make time to ensure you’re making your employees be seen and feel valued, this will help them not just feel like a number.

It’s important to look inwards and truly understand how to inspire your team. This doesn’t just help with your current workforce but also future-proofing the organisation. When you use the 5 C’s to improve your leadership skills, you will be viewed as a strong, compassionate leader, which improves respect and employee retention.

We offer mentoring to help you reach these standards with your team, so whether it’s one-to-one or in a group setting, reach out for a no-obligation discussion where we can set a strategy in place for you to take your leadership skills to the next level.


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