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How to Organise your Learning & Development Department

Learning and development departments are at the heart of change and help to manage organisational performance. As a leader, it’s important to make the most of your learning and development department by embracing the resources and opportunities that are presented to you. As a leader, you should be able to demonstrate the impact of your team’s performance and ensure the company is evolving with your employees.

Remember to take advantage of technology and training materials when investigating your learning and development strategy. This blog will help you reach your learning and development goals, to amplify your workforce.

If you haven’t already considered this, our blog will help you see the pros of investing in this, so read on to find out more.

Focus on Business Needs

Start thinking about the learning priorities within your business and how you can train your team. Who will be the best person to delegate this responsibility to? Once you have started thinking about these aspects, you can begin making a plan and help to drive the change going forward.

Start with a strategy

Always spend time researching. When you start planning for your learning and development department, it’s important to set goals. Start considering the timeframe you’d like everything finalised by so you have a goal to work towards and can ensure the department becomes a well-oiled machine. Start thinking about the budget you have in mind and how you will measure the impact of learning and development. You can always use KPIs, surveys and other metrics to ensure you are on track.

How will you share learning and development opportunities?

Think about the platforms you can use to roll out learning and development. This doesn’t have to be too technical or expensive. Perhaps you could share learnings as a form on a newsletter or use the technology you already have access to e.g., Teams or Slack. You could create a space to send information to your employees on these platforms. You may also be able to create a hub on your intranet or even offer face-to-face learning and development.

Remember that your team are being busy and proactive, so there is no need to force lengthy in-depth courses. Although this can be an option, people do learn well in bitesize pieces of information as well. Keep your learning and development programmes engaging and your team will be thankful that you offer opportunities to grow within the company!

Do you need help strategising your learning and development department? Or strengthening one that you currently have? We offer consulting services where we help leaders on a one-to-one basis or even in a group setting.

Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion and let’s see how we can help you strengthen your team.


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