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Top 5 HR Priorities Leaders Need to Know About

HR is an incredibly important part of your company structure and your employees deserve to have brilliant experiences at work. In this blog we will discuss the top HR priorities you need to know about as a leader, and the best solutions for your organisation.

1. Leadership Effectiveness

Leaders have a responsibility to keep up with changing work environments. Organisations that don’t keep up with current trends can run the risk of being left behind. It’s time to prepare your leadership development approach so you can create stronger human relationships at work, here’s how:

  • Act with authenticity, allow self expression and create a sense of purpose within your team.

  • Be empathetic towards your employees, show respect and concern for your team's wellbeing.

  • Be flexible and adapt to change that supports your team members.

2. Managing Organisation Changes

Is your organisation changing too much, too soon, at a fast rate? You may be creating a sense of fatigue within your workforce. When employees experience too much change at once, it can make it difficult to navigate as this causes disruption. Here’s what you can do:

  • Create a long term strategy that defines major changes early on so you can prepare your team and create a manageable timeline.

  • Implement change based around your employees to make the transition more comfortable. Get your team involved in the process!

  • Communicate effectively at each stage with campaigns. Include any benefits that will result due to the new direction your leadership is taking.

3. Raising the Employee Experience

Careers that challenge and keep your employees interested are vital for staff retention. This is an important point you will need to take into consideration as a leader.

  • Compensate your employees with competitive benefits, bonuses and salaries

  • Create better development opportunities for your employees' career paths. For example, you can communicate new opportunities in-house before advertising on the market.

  • Ensure career paths are visible. Arrange 1:1’s with your staff and companies career advisor or mentor. When your team is able to see their future path, they will become more motivated to hit their goals.

4. Recruiting & Outsourcing

As a leader, it’s important to ensure you have a successful outsourcing strategy. The process must be engaging, even down to your onboarding strategy. Talent is hard to come by, and so are great companies to work for. So ensure your recruitment strategy is a priority:

  • Identify talent from minority groups, overseas as well as local to you. Widen your search and you’ll have a richer pool of candidates. You can read more about how to make recruitment more inclusive in our blog post linked here.

  • Use tests to understand more about your candidates before you make a decision (contact us for more information on this)!

  • Tailor your onboarding process for the individual you are hiring, so they have a positive first impression of the company

5. The Future of Work

The truth is, we may not be able to identify work predictions in the future. Sometimes we simply need to work with what we currently know.

  • Instead of trying to predict future skills you require, evaluate your workflows and current tasks right now so you have a better understanding of your talent gaps.

  • Never assume you can dictate how your employees work, instead empower your team to achieve together in ways that suit their talent.

  • It’s not wise to assume you can fill talent in last minute situations. Always ensure your team is fully trained, so you can designate tasks fairly until you bring on new talent. On this note, never burn out your employees for the sake of not hiring new talent. (Always share the load).

The higher the job satisfaction, the longer you will retain loyal employees who are productive and provide excellent work ensuring more results.

Learn about how you can amplify your Human Resources offering to your employees today.

It’s time to reach out to us today for a no obligation discussion about your leadership requirements!


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