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Successful Leadership Starts with Quality Talent

At WhizzMind we are passionate about the success of the leaders we support. But the truth is, a leader can only be as strong as the team they manage. Talent success is absolutely key in creating a strong workforce, and this starts with the people you hire. It’s important to have diversity in your team, ensure talent is qualified and will be an excellent fit for the organisation.

The question is, how do you make these decisions?

We understand this is a huge responsibility on top of your daily projects, deadlines and managerial responsibilities. That’s why, when we came across a tool that would help leaders save time and gain high quality candidates during the hiring process, we were excited to learn more.

As a result, WhizzMind can proudly announce that we have officially teamed up with Criteria, who support evidence-based hiring and provide talent management strategies for leaders. We only collaborate with companies dedicated to the success of the leaders we support, so this was a perfect match.

How exactly does this collaboration help you as a leader?

We can now offer you support and provide quality, tested tools as you go through the process of hiring. Here are some examples of the tech we can now offer you along with our mentorship:

Aptitude Tests

These tests help you measure a candidate's critical thinking, problem-solving & learning abilities. These are incredibly important skills that your new hire should possess, and testing helps you narrow your options.

Personality Tests

Personality tests measure the behavioural traits of potential candidates and predict the organisational fit which helps you understand if they will work well within the team.

Emotional Intelligence Tests

This tool measures a candidate's emotional intelligence, perception & understanding. This is another helpful test that ensures you’re hiring candidates that are skilled at monitoring their emotions and decision making.

Risk Testing

Another test you may not have thought of is risk taking, which helps to test a candidate’s attitudes towards safety and productivity within the workplace.

Skill Testing

We also have technology that can assist in specific skill testing. This can help to ensure potential candidates are competent and qualified in job-specific areas.

We want you to make beneficial decisions when hiring and we understand the importance of having the right support by your side as you do this. We have worked with many leaders and know just how difficult and lengthy this process can be. We want you to have the highest quality structured interview tools at your fingertips, to help you grow your teams into stronger workforces.

Contact us to chat about how WhizzMind can support your hiring journey and support you as a leader!


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