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5 Ways to Engage your Employees

Here at WhizzMind, we know that the more engaged your employees are, the more likely you are to see incredible results within the business. Engaged employees help to increase profit revenues every year as they are more likely to enjoy their work and in turn be more productive. When your team knows that you are putting the effort in to keep them engaged and content, they will become more loyal resulting in less sick days and more productivity.

Our article helps to outline the different ways you can engage your employees starting from today, so be sure to take note!

1.Build meaningful relationships with your team.

Being a leader isn’t just a case of being out of sight, demanding deadlines and delegating tasks, it’s so much more than that. To be a leader that has an engaged team, you will need to get involved and really get to know your team members. Learn about their families, what they enjoy doing and if they have any interesting hobbies. You never know what you might learn and you may have more in common than first thought.

2.Invest in training and learning and allow them to grow

Do you know for sure that your employees understand what they are doing? Have you ever asked or really made sure that they are knowledgeable and therefore being as productive as possible? Invest in training for your team and ensure you keep up to date with job descriptions. You never know if a team member could be helping in other areas or have a hidden talent that could help the business. Encourage ways for your team to continuously learn and improve their skills. You’ll see their productivity and job satisfaction will soar in the process.

3.Celebrate success and praise your team

Celebrate your team's success when they do well. Your employees will become more motivated and begin to learn that doing well will result in praise. If a member of staff has achieved their deadlines on time, completed a high level project or shared an idea that will help the business in the long run – thank them. Even doing something as small as providing a thank you card will go a long way. If the company is able to offer a monetary bonus to those who truly go above and beyond, it will be incredibly rewarding for employees.

4.Encourage teamwork

Working together as a team reduces the loneliness of work. No one wants to feel like they are on their own when facing a large task or project, as this can result in stress and overwhelm. So, instead ask your employees to take part in projects together. When you ask employees to work as a team, they will have the opportunity to delegate tasks based on each other's skillset, creating a stronger bond and improving job satisfaction. When teams work together for a shared result, this gives a sense of accountability and purpose. Always remember that cooperation is key in any team. When possible, arrange team building exercises or outings to strengthen the bond further.

5.Ensure the workplace is a friendly environment

Don’t make the mistake of creating an atmosphere of fear within your workplace. This is a huge red flag for employees. They will feel they are unable to share ideas, ask for advice and admit any mistakes which can harm the company in the long run. Ask for anonymous feedback or face to-face feedback and listen to what your employees suggest. Always act on any points that arise if they will create a positive atmosphere within the workplace. Always work together with your team if mistakes arise, we are all human. Encourage your team to share how they are getting on with projects and encourage them to always ask for advice or help if needed.

Let us know how these points help you in your leadership strategy.

The importance of having engaged employees will only result in positive effects throughout the business, so it’s incredibly valuable to implement these points in your approach as a leader.

If you need any further advice, or would like to share your own points, please feel free to contact us directly so we can discuss the best leadership strategy for you.

Leave us a comment below if you have any more points to add to this article!


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