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We will recommend you assessment tools to identify your team's strengths and areas of development. Various psychometric and leadership skills tests can be very helpful when you want to build a talent pipeline, develop skills, or hire the right people for your organisation.

Why should leaders use pre-employment assessments?


Pre-employment assessments create a more reliable way to hire. 


We use assessments from Criteria as they are designed to objectively assess people’s abilities, so you don’t have any biases. 


Here are some pros to using pre-employment assessments in your hiring process:


🔸 They provide you with more data about potential candidates, so you have a bigger picture of whom to consider.


🔸 You can assess candidates' personalities & attitudes which makes the hiring process more in-depth & specific to the role.


🔸 Every person that applies is considered using the same, objective criteria which makes the process fair for all candidates.


We help leaders during the hiring process as we know how time-consuming & stressful this process can be.


If you’re interested in cutting out the hard work of hiring & having confidence in your decision making reach out to us today. 

About Test Assessments

Criteria are just as passionate about you finding the right talent as we are. 


So not only could you get WhizzMind’s support by your side during the hiring process but you’re also introduced to a wide selection of tests programmed to help you make the most informed decision possible.


For example:


🔸 Aptitude Tests

To help you measure a candidate's critical thinking, problem-solving & learning ability


🔸 Personality Tests

That measure the behavioural traits shown & predict the candidate's organisational fit


🔸 Emotional Intelligence Tests

This tool measures a candidate's emotional intelligence, perception & understanding


🔸 Risk Testing

To help you test a candidate’s beliefs & attitudes towards safety & productivity at work.


🔸 Skill Testing

To help you ensure your potential candidate is competent in job-specific areas.


🔸 Video Interviewing

You’re also able to access the ability to provide structured video interviews.


To learn more about how we can help your business hire the perfect fit, reach out to us for a chat.

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