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Soft Skills

According to Strategic Intelligence by World Economic Forum 'Soft skills should have a more prominent place in instruction, in order to increase adaptability. By 2025, some 85 million jobs may be lost to the emerging division of labour among humans, machines, and algorithms, according to a World Economic Forum report published in 2020, though 97 million more jobs may emerge that are better adapted to the new dynamic. Among to top 10 skills in terms of prominence by the year 2025, according to the report, are soft skills including creativity, leadership, and flexibility. While education can generally provide a basis for future re-skilling, self-actualization, and forming a civic identity, specific educational curricula cannot remain fixed as standard career paths continue to evolve and become less linear than ever before.'

What we do

We organise soft skills workshops (public speaking, self-confidence, social media presence, productivity), career mentoring and recreational training to support employability.

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